• Why are Fire Alarms so crucial to fire safety? The answer is simple…fire alarms save lives!
  • A fire alarm system is a smoke alarm and smoke detector that alerts people that a fire has started.
  • The main advantage of installing fire alarms is the early warning benefit. The fire alarms can be installed just about anywhere in a commercial building and best of all the fire safety measure is highly cost effective for smoke and fire protection.
  • Many fires occur at night or in a room or section that no one may be in at the time. The audible alert from the fire alarm can wake individuals up who may otherwise sleep while inhaling smoke. The alert can also provide an early signal during the day to individuals who, if not for the alarm, would not have the time needed to escape the home or building before the fire spreads out of control.
  • Another advantage of fire alarms is the flexibility to place them in specific rooms and areas of your choice. Although there are guidelines about certain areas to avoid, such as spots too close to bathrooms, where steam from showers and baths will inadvertently trigger the alarm, you do have options for where to install the units. For example, shared hallways for multiple bedrooms can be the location for a single fire alarm, or you can install the alarm in a bedroom that is usually closed off to other rooms.
  • Building owners, facility managers, and security and safety directors have important roles in life safety and property protection. Integrated technology can definitely help in fulfilling those responsibilities. The key to effective and reliable system integration lies in understanding the challenges, the technologies and the applications – and making sure everything works together as intended. If that capability does not exist within your organization, it may be best to work with a systems integrator that is proficient and experienced in needs analysis and in planning, layout, installation and maintenance of integrated solutions.